Dynamic Health Carolinas

The certified D.O.L. doctors and O.W.C.P. experts at Dynamic Health Carolinas in Charlotte provide excellent injury care and expert O.W.C.P. claims assistance to injured postal employees, V.A. employees, T.S.A. agents, and all other federal employees. Patients love the federal workers compensation experts at DHC because they know how to navigate the OWCP claims process and get legitimate injury claims approved by the Department of Labor, even those that were previously denied.

Proudly Serving Injured Federal Workers

The DOL doctors and OWCP experts value federal workers and make sure they feel heard, understood, and respected, always putting the patients needs first. They don’t yield to the pressures of the employer who wish to cut corners, rush rehab, and return patients back to work prematurely.

You Have the Right to Choose Your DOL Doctor

If you’ve been injured, FECA gives you the right to choose your DOL doctor! Choose Dynamic Health Carolinas, where you’ll receive free claims assistance and compliant care by the best O.W.C.P. doctors in the Carolinas. Call 704-525-6288 or go online to schedule your consultation with an OWCP expert.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The consultation is free. The expert claims assistance is free. And patients never pay anything out-of-pocket. All services are billed to the United States Department of Labor. Call 704-525-6288 to find the help you need for your OWCP injury claim.