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Learn more about the OWCP Federal Workers Comp Program, get free guidance for your OWCP claim, and receive comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation for your federal work injury.

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  • Free Claims Assistance – Most DOL doctors provide complimentary claims assistance to help you file your claim properly and get the medical care and compensation benefits you deserve.


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Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA)

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) affords injured federal employees a number of rights, including:

  • Medical benefits: FECA covers the cost of all reasonable and necessary medical care for work-related injuries or illnesses. This includes doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses.
  • Compensation: If an injured employee is unable to work due to their injury, they may be entitled to compensation benefits. These benefits are paid weekly and are based on the employee’s average earnings.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: FECA provides vocational rehabilitation services to help injured employees return to work. These services may include job training, counseling, and placement assistance.
  • Death benefits: If an injured employee dies as a result of their work-related injury, their survivors may be entitled to death benefits. These benefits are paid to the employee’s spouse, children, and dependent parents.

In addition to these rights, FECA also provides injured federal employees with a number of protections. For example, employees cannot be fired or demoted for filing a FECA claim. They are also entitled to a fair hearing if their claim is denied.

If you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job, you should contact the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) to file a claim. You can find more information about FECA and your rights on the OWCP website.

Here are some additional rights that FECA affords injured federal employees:

  • The right to be represented by an attorney at all stages of the claims process.
  • The right to a hearing before an administrative law judge if their claim is denied.
  • The right to appeal a decision of the administrative law judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • FECA is a complex law, and it is important to speak with an attorney if you have any questions about your rights.


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