It can be overwhelming to have to file an OWCP claim for your on-the-job injury. Here at OWCP Connect, we can help. Not only will we assist you in filing your OWCP injury claims, but we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We can answer any questions you have, and our OWCP doctors will provide you with the care and advisement you need through every step of your OWCP claims process.

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Filing Your OWCP Injury Claim…

To being your OWCP claim, you’ll have to fill out one of two forms. Form CA-1 is for traumatic injury claims, which cover specific injuries that occurred at one given moment rather than over time. Examples include tripping down the stairs, slipping and falling, and the like. Form CA-2 is for a medical issue that has developed over time due to work conditions or activities performed on the job. These include illnesses or diseases related to systemic infection, repeated stress or strain, or exposure to physical or chemical hazards. In general, an occupational illness is harder to receive compensation for, but if you have truly become ill or have a disease due to your working conditions, you should begin filing an OWCP injury claim to get the medical treatment and financial help that you need.

There is a three-year timeline on all OWCP injury claims, but you should file the correct paperwork as soon as possible. If you are seeking lost wages due to your injury, you’ll need to complete other forms associated with your OWCP claim. Any other forms or paperwork you need can be handled by our staff on a case by case basis. You may also receive some forms directly from your employer.


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Because of the intricacies of the OWCP claims process, it’s very important that you get expert assistance in filing your OWCP injury claims. Even the most minor mistake can either slow down your benefits or completely disqualify you from receiving benefits. At OWCP Connect, we offer guidance based on expertise, experienced, and an in-depth knowledge of the OWCP claims process, so we can make sure everything is done correctly and thoroughly, allowing you to get the most benefits as quickly as possible.

Here at OWCP Connect, we can connect you to OWCP doctors and OWCP injury claims experts to help you get the care and advice you need during the workers’ compensation process. Get in touch with a federal workers compensation doctor today to get started on your journey toward healing.