Why Your Doctor Should be a DOL-OWCP Expert

For federal workers who are injured on the job, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a doctor to treat your injuries. While you’ve likely found doctors before, there are special considerations to make when working with Federal workers’ compensation programs. You will want someone who is not only an excellent physician, but who is all familiar with the Department of Labor (DOL) and OWCP (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs). In addition to familiarity with common injuries, these doctors will be best prepared to assist you with the proper documentation and paperwork for your claim.

Getting the Proper Documentation

A doctor who specializes in DOL-OWCP injuries will be an expert at helping you navigate all parts of your claim. Doctors certified in this area receive special training on the medical records and paperwork they need to provide for federal workers’ compensation programs. This includes the ability to clearly document your injuries as a part of your federal workers’ compensation claim. Poorly documented claims are often delayed or even denied.

Billing and Paperwork

While a regular doctor is used to dealing with insurance companies and out of pocket payments, a doctor who is experienced in DOL-OWCP claims has an office staff familiar with how to perform tasks for federal workers’ compensation. The cost of medical care is billed completely and accurately to the proper federal workers’ compensation agencies. In addition to that, they are able to help you appeal any previously denied claims and understand the system well enough to assist you in navigating it.

Accurate Medical Care

Doctors who deal primarily with federal workers’ compensation claims are usually very familiar with common injuries, making them better able to diagnose these conditions and develop tested treatment plans for each patient. The treatment designed for a victim of a federal workers’ compensation-related injury may require different treatment that takes into consideration the origin of the injury and your goals for returning to work. By offering a comprehensive plan for care, DOL-OWCP expert doctors are better able to serve patients with federal workers’ compensation claims.

If you have been injured on the job, you want to find a doctor who is an expert in all areas of your case, from the biology of your injury to the process of filing a federal workers’ compensation claim. To increase your chances of a successful federal workers’ compensation claim and a healthy, safe recovery, a DOL-OWCP trained doctor is ideal.