Federal Workers’ Compensation as A Low-Risk Office Employee

Most people associate federal workers’ compensation with high-risk jobs like construction workers falling, scientists coming into contact with chemicals, or other extreme scenarios. However, the reality is that many claims are filed for much more mundane activities. People who work in retail or offices often present with work-related injuries that result in federal workers’ compensation claims. Best DOL Doctors works with people who have suffered workplace injuries of all types.

Common Injuries at Low-Risk Jobs

Many jobs are considered low risk, especially “desk” jobs and retail workers, but that doesn’t mean there is no risk for injury. Some of the accidents and injuries that most commonly occur are directly related to these jobs. Generally, there are three main risks for low-risk workers when it comes to federal workers’ compensation.

Repetitive motion injuries: A lot of these jobs require you to do the same thing over and over, whether it is sewing garments, typing, or working a cash register. One of the common versions you may have heard of is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is nerve pain in the hands, wrists, or forearms caused by typing. But most workers in the US are required to sit all day, and without an ergonomically correct chair, you may slouch or otherwise injure your back. All of these scenarios can lead to a federal workers’ compensation claim.

Occupational injuries: Slipping or trips and falls are not limited to only worksites and can happen anywhere. Things like ripped carpets, spilled liquids, and bad lighting can make even a traditional office dangerous. Simple falls can lead to soft-tissue damage, sprains and strains, concussions, or even broken bones.

Mental and emotional stress: In addition to physical injuries, job-related stress can be covered by federal workers’ compensation. Excessive stress can lead to major medical problems, meaning it is taken very seriously by insurance companies. Extraordinary workplace stress can lead to a successful federal workers’ compensation claim if it can be proven that it is induced by work. However, even minor stress can lead to physical conditions like headaches or muscle pain, which can make previous injuries worse. In some cases, this can lead to a federal workers’ compensation claim.

The doctors at Best DOL Doctors are experts in federal workers’ compensation claims and treating your workplace injuries. Do not feel like being a low-risk worker precludes you from a federal workers’ compensation claim and call us today to begin the process.