The need for quality OWCP doctors near me is increasing. They are in a completely separate category of caregivers and healthcare providers than all other doctors, and if you’re a federal worker, you need to understand why.

Each individual state in the US is responsible for creating, governing, and regulating its own workers’ compensation programs. The OWCP doctors near me will be experienced in handling my particular type of claim based on state regulations.

However, workers’ comp for federal employees is a completely different beast. For every federal worker in the country, there are about 50 other employees who are non-federal. That means the majority of OWCP doctors near me are trained to help those other 50 people but not the singular federal employee.

This is becoming increasingly problematic as so many injured federal workers are struggling to find quality OWCP doctors near me who can help them with their care, their case, and their uncertainties surrounding their health and wellbeing.

Additionally, more and more laws are being put into place that limit the abilities of attorneys and doctors to help injured federal workers. This is leaving more injured and disabled former federal employees with no work, no income, limited health, and little hope.

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