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Learn more about the OWCP Federal Workers Comp Program, get free guidance for your OWCP claim, and receive comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation for your federal work injury.

  • DOL Certified Doctors – Find a doctor with a Dept. of Labor provider number and experience in treating federal work comp injuries

  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Certified DOL doctors bill all of their services to the US Dept. of Labor.

  • Free Claims Assistance – Most DOL doctors provide complimentary claims assistance to help you file your claim properly and get the medical care and compensation benefits you deserve.


Find an OWCP doctor that offers a complimentary consultation to review your injury claim and set you up for an evaluation & diagnostics for your injury…


If you file incorrectly you could lose your benefits. We can help! Our DOL-OWCP experts offer guidance for claims and compensation benefits…


DOL-OWCP doctors work to serve your needs (not the government)! Get comprehensive medical care for your injury that is specific to your injury care needs…


FEATURED PROVIDERS includes OWCP doctors from all across the country including, but not limited to Alexandria, Aurora, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Boston, Chesapeake, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Greensboro, Los Angeles, Miami, Memphis, McKinney, Norwood, North Port, North Fort Myers, Greenville, Baton Rouge, New Jersey, Newport BeachMcAllen, El Paso, Racine, Phoenix, Quincy, San Francisco, San Antonio, El Paso, Virginia, Westerville, Washington DC, West Palm Beach, and Much More!