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If you file incorrectly you could lose your benefits. Let an expert help! Get Free OWCP claims assistance from an experienced OWCP advocate in your area.

OWCPCONNECT.COM is a free tool that helps injured federal employees find DOL-certified doctors in their area. OWCPCONNECT.COM is not owned nor operated by the US Dept of Labor. If you are looking for the official OWCP Connect portal owned by the Department of Labor please click the following link…

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Learn more about the OWCP Federal Workers Comp forms and get answers to your questions about your CA-1, CA-2, CA-2a, OWCP 957, and other OWCP forms, including answers to…

  • What Are My First Steps? – What should I do after experiencing an on-the-job injury while working for the federal government?

  • Which Forms Do I Need to Complete First? – Which OWCP forms do I need to complete in order to properly submit my OWCP work injury claim?

  • How Long Does It Take – How long will it be until I hear back from the Department of Labor OWCP program regarding the status of my claim?


Find an OWCP credentialed doctor that offers a complimentary consultation to review your injury claim and set you up for an evaluation & diagnostics for your injury…


If you file incorrectly you could lose your benefits. We can help! Most FIC Trained Case Managers offer guidance & assistance for claims and OWCP forms…


Doctors that take DOL-OWCP work to serve your needs (not the government)! Get comprehensive medical care for your injury that is specific to your injury care needs…